Send a private message to AaronOfMpls. How do I remove the large square icons on the map that show herbs? Just be aware that I cannot do it the same way ckknight did it unless I have his permission. I cannot seem to revert back to my original addon. Add demonsorrow to Your Buddy List.

wow addon cartographer

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Send a private message to Tilteri. Now it’s the wlw image of the herb and it is all over my map and I cannot see anything else but these huge square images.

I would still be able to show ZoneInfo and everything, but it would have to be a little different.

wow addon cartographer

Send a private message to PeterAtYorkshire. Unless someone picks it up, the add-on’s pretty much dead in the water.

wow addon cartographer

I’m going to check really quick, and make sure that I don’t do something wrong. Send email to ysaric.

Much more efficient, though. After that i’ll have to do a few more things, that aren’t much but. Duchess An Aku’mai Servant Forum posts: Add Tilteri to Your Buddy List. Sending positions along the old comm will stop in one month. Sort comments by Oldest. Send a private cartograpehr to FarseerLolotea. I was wondering whether I could use adxon anyways as long as I give credit to ckknight, but WoWMap will combine Atlas and Cartographer together. Add ironfang to Your Buddy List. The maps will all be in the world map and everything.


Cartographer – Best WoW Addons

Change Log Other Files Comments I have made progress with the idea, as I’ve already got alot of the stuff done, and now all I need is permission to use both Atlas and Cartographer in my addon, and if I get a yes, then integrate them. Back in vanilla wow when leveling my first few toons way before cartographer the feature was a must of any map viewer. Cartographer is a modular, lightweight, and efficient framework for manipulation of the world map.

Send a private message to Rikcon. The maps will use Atlas textures, and the features will be from Cartographer. Nope, seems I can’t use cartographer without permission How is it that Cartographer no longer works?

How do I get these to go away and get the smaller map image in the upper left to come back? Add Duchess to Aow Buddy List. Sorting Sort comments by Newest Sort comments by Oldest. How do I remove the large square icons on the map that show herbs? Add Meshif to Your Buddy List.


Cartographer – WoW Vanilla Addons

Send cartographher private message to demonsorrow. Everything else has way to much or has nothing. I just recently downloaded the new mmo minion, and the minion updated all my addons, and now cartographer doesn’t work properly, the map seems to be cut up into layers spread out all over the screen. Send a private message to LinDysign. Send email to PeterAtYorkshire.