All Direct3D9 mode features supported overlays, masks, custom shaders Variable sync G-Sync, possibly also FreeSync supported in windowed mode. Do not use static display buffer. Old JIT bug fixed: Just tested the new 2. Game Ports panel custom mapping autofire support. Possible crash when display was very wide with bitplane DMA overrun condition.

winuae 2.4.1

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The effect only shows up occasionally and I haven’t figured out a way to reliably reproduce it yet. Added memory cycle-exact Quickstart step for A and CD32 configurations. Magic mouse Windows cursor to Amiga mouse sync partially fixed. Possible crash when display was very wide with bitplane DMA overrun condition. Last edited by PeterK; 04 April at Fixed hardware emulated winae board hang with Picasso96 if board supported vblank interrupts and RTG board refresh rate mode was not Chipset.

Not all Advanced chipset options reset when compatible checkbox was ticked. Multiple display and sound boards can be now enabled simultaneously.

winuae 2.4.1

AVI recording with non-standard refresh rate was reset to default if GUI was entered and exited during recording. X-Surf and X-Surf Partial.


Amiga Future

Z3 RAM in manual mode was completely broken. Fixes slowdown introduced in 2. Autoconfig board GUI list with custom sorting support. Added history list to config file name edit box and to statefile path string box. Probably some corner case which only affects really weird programmed modes, not sure if it is worth the trouble to fix this. Game Ports panel custom mapping autofire support.

Release all currently pressed keys when emulation pauses. Fixed multiple problems with screenshots and video recording from hardware emulated RTG board.

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Virtual networking support, through either your Ethernet or Dial-Up Networking connection to the world. AVI recording bug fixes and updates: Windows file-system support, so that your Amiga can use your PC hard-drive’s file-system directly. All keys now usable as Amiga keys including Windows keys and are usable in Input-tab configuration.

It can’t fix already created broken statefiles.

WinUAE beta series – English Amiga Board

Fixed statefile crash when saving statefile while disk operation was active and disk image included ainuae cell timing information. Optional because it requires much more CPU power and it is rarely needed. Crash fixed if more than one non-Paula audio stream was active. Just tested the new 2. Adj config file handling fixed.


Full Harddisk support, for maximum compatibility, and reduced risk. Added quick search and quick directory select to Configurations panel.

winuae 2.4.1

I hope this wunuae beta related, since I didn’t see this issue before. Traditional quick update after x. Debugger supports running Amiga executables from shell, adds symbol and gcc stab debugging data support, loads executable to special reserved address space which enables detection of any illegal accesses byte accurately and more. Requires hardware level 9. Compressed Kickstart ROM support. Emulation core replaced with PCem.