The suit of Swords is seen as being cold and intellectual, as they are represented by the weapon of the sword, which is seen as not only a symbol of nobility, but as a symbol of rights and temporal civil law. The original deck, under the title of “Naibi”, showed the “unhidden” side of Tarot, and was designed with artistic, aesthetic and symbolic purposes. In terms of historical decks, I find this to be of importance. I regard this specific deck to be one of the most beautifully rendered traditional Tarot decks in the world still available to the general public. Wands are seen as the suit of life, and of masculine energy, with the element of fire, and with work.

vacchetta tarot

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vacchetta tarot

The court cards reflect the Knight of Swords is seen as an ambassador, while the Queen appears as a Renaissance Judith who carries the head of a nude Holofermes in a bag.

The three exercises included are: The suit of Chalices is seen as representing the container, and as being objects of beauty.

Tarot of the Master

This entire suit of Swords is the most beautiful of the Marseilles style card decks or any existing Tarot deck for this suit that I have ever seen. Strength La Forza is numbered XI. The Knight and Knave stressing the communicative nature of the suit, while the Queen a cook represents nourishment, and the King a wine grower represents a toast.

Artist credit and information would often show up on either the Ace or Deuce cards in old historic Tarot decks. Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith, and that it was “consistent with its times”.


The court cards highlight the rural and pastoral nature of the Wands. If you are familiar with French or Italian Marseilles and Etteilla decks, this will not be a problem. Queen Regina and King Re. There is a lot of shading work done in the colorization of this published version which gives some of the cards a three-dimensional look if you happen to catch images in detail. Comment Name Email Website Yes, add me to your mailing list.

Examples of the High Court Cards of each suit, paired. In republishing the original work, it was colored to bring it closer to modern tastes and perception, using greens, light blues, grays, light lavender and light yellow.

The deck is a 78 card deck in traditional format.

I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta Tarot, Reproductions

The card has not yet been dignified by the esoteric tradition so the Magician is depicted as a conjurer.

Wands are seen as the suit of life, and of masculine energy, with the element of fire, and with work. The Tarot of the Master is a recoloured reprint of a Italian tarot deck first published in The Italian titles are not translated but each card has an individual keyword printed unobtrusively on the face.

vacchetta tarot

Each of these cards vacchettz to the energy expressed within the Major Arcana card. The signature for Giovanni Vacchetta has been placed on one card in each of the suits: Read about ways that we can sidestep paths that lead to destructive outcomes.

It was colored and republished by Lo Scarabeo in Turin in The artwork and colorization of the last five Major Arcana cards in this deck are strikingly beautiful. The LWB describes the suit and any pertinent details collectively but does not avcchetta the cards singly. There is no way I wanted to even try and shuffle the cards hand-over-hand or the whole lot of them would end up bent and creased from repeated collisions.


Place two cards on top of each of the previously drawn Major Arcana cards.

Giovanni Vacchetta tarot

The backs of the cards are a black and white mirror image of the scene on the Magician card. Vachetta’s artistic style is a mix of medieval and late nineteenth century some cards are reminiscent of the Victoria Regina Tarot in poses and objects. The I Naibi di Giovanni Vachetta was unusual in that the artist began to take steps towards minors with illustrated scenes, nearly thirty years before Pamela Colman-Smith’s drawings for the Rider-Waite Tarot.

If your hands are damp and you touch the cards, they will soak liquid like a napkin. If you have questions regarding these card sets, please leave a comment or email and I am happy to answer what I can.

Vacchetta uses layering and superimposing of the chalices as a reference back to sixteenth-century decks, such as the Sola Busca. The cardstock is also quite flexible and subject to creasing if you are not careful.

vacchetta tarot

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