Why can’t we have mk2 timecode in the Netherlands? JD76 , Nov 8, Would be nice if the timecode vinyls was pressed with no sound I hate the beeeeppp sound comming out of the pickup needles when playing on low volume on the hifi at home. Yeah i want to know that too! There’s a link in the voucher email if you have that. I’m really happy I got the mk2 offer.

traktor timecode mk2

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Where the heck is the timecode download? | NI Community Forum

From what I understand this is their own TC now. It seems a bit stiff to hold back the.

SkeepNov 7, Karlos SantosNov 28, I ordered two sets of new ones which should be in the mail next week.

I say this because they shifted to MK2 for some licensing issue.

TimeCode CD

Karlos SantosNov timecodf, Earlier versions had already paid the license fee for the use of the timecodes while newer versions have not. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Call me skeptical, but what exactly is new about this MK2 timecode? Yeah i want to know that too! I don’t know that answer to that question.

Yeah we Love NI Stickers I timeode recommend this, in case forementioned scenario occurs. I have a question regarding the new Timecode Vinyls, I’ve seen the news but I’m really confused right now!

traktor timecode mk2

The distinct lack of any mention of what’s better about the new ones would suggest that’s true as well. DJ FreshflukeSep 24, DJ FreshflukeSep 20, It uses the serial number to determine wether to support MK1 timecodes or not.

Native Instruments Traktor Scratch MK2 – MK2 timecode for Incredible Scratch Performance

Hi everyone, this might seem a tdaktor question, how can you tell if you have mk2 timecode? Please purchase new ones from NI online store or your nearest DJ stockist. No, create an account now. I purchased Traktor Scratch immediately after its first releaseand I have bought every upgrade after. No, create an account now.

I bought the traktor scratch upgrade from a store this weekend, does the new timecode traktkr it’s mk 2 anywhere?


traktor timecode mk2

Trakotr use vinyl but im guessing I have mk1 vinyl. UstranceNov 8, At the moment the mk1 vinyl’s work nicely so traitor il be able to always use both. Speculation seems to be that it’s a licensing issue they’re trying to get out of with the Mk1’s. Yes, my password is: Being mk1 it doesn’t say mk1 is mk2 any better? Il post back when it arrives. Yes, my password is: And remember it is not a support issue but a licensing one. I ordered mk2 kit timecoee, and today got confirmation that the new order system isn’t working as expected and my order is still waiting.

Count ZeroSep 27, New Timecode – MK2 – whats the difference vs old?