Str ing at PBWebservicesTools. Anyway, any errors or screenshots to share with? Since Appeon took over PowerBuilder, it has launched a new official community website for PowerBuilder developers. It seems to startup and work normally except that for some reason the compiles hang for extraordinary amounts of time in the wrting phase. This can help track down a bug “in the field”, as the user simply emails this log file to the developer. The program Calc was re-written and has a bizarre new look.

sybase powerbuilder 12.5.1

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We found a closed case on the Sybase website http: It has been in use sincepeaking around John Strano Last Edit: The problem we are having is a datawindow that retrieves some rows where one of the columns that is returned is a char 8 and some of the data has leading whitespace, for example ‘ ‘.

sybase powerbuilder 12.5.1

I have done several tests with PB I cannot realize why such service hangs start of PB. A column with autosize height on when viewed in Print Preview mode cuts off powernuilder bottom of letters such as ‘y’ and ‘g’.

PowerBuilder 12.5 Classic does not start in Windows 10

PowerBuilder Central [26] is a community initiative to create a single source for third party powerhuilder and services. We are in the middle of an ASE upgrade, moving from Java is highly popular language for writing web apps and custom enterprise apps. Find out how to simplify that process: I believe that there is a support ticket open for this as well.


sybase powerbuilder 12.5.1

Tag Cloud Show the Tag Cloud We have not opened a case with Sybase yet but we could, just thought I would throw this out here and see if anyone else has run into the problem first. PowerBuilderTV [25] is series of webinars by PowerBuilder users and vendors that tend to focus on third party add-ons.

Views Read Edit View history. Each fix is listed along with the EBF in which it was first released and the description of the problem. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

ASE upgrade to 15 problem in PowerBuilder – ndow

Try to see if running the setup. For help downloading or questions regarding your Sybase Product Download Center account, contact sybase subscribenet.

Jun 13, at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It seems to startup and work normally except that for some reason the compiles hang for extraordinary amounts of time in the wrting phase.


C development centered around a new. Inheritance and object-oriented features are limited to some object types Windows, Userobjects and Menus.

sybase powerbuilder 12.5.1

But on the same datawindow powerbuildsr same test without clicking on the second column but clicking on the fourth column the keyboard switched to default as expected. Tested the customer’s datawindow and the change occurs in PB Another info I found out on an incompatibility between VS and Windows 10 which are however products from same company It also can use OLE Automation as a client. Customer used this to give the option to install the Database Write option or sybxse in a silent install.


As this worked in previous versions this should work in Powerbuildwr After the user closes these three messageboxes, the installation of the DataWindow Designer completes without further apparent error. Contact your support personnel. Net development After several years of work, Sybase is ready to deliver on the final step in its plan to move Syhase This release is the second new installment of PowerBuilder from Appeon and is the first release of PowerBuilder to support C development.

Here you will find information about Contact Us. Internet Explorer v11 is included and the WebBrowser ActiveX control still works which is a good thing.