Pls what should I do again to wake up the decoder. Suggested Solutions 10 What’s this? Mine has the yellow MyTV on one corner of the box and a Chinese plug. Just send me an e-mail, i will reply. I have a strong SRT X decoder,how can i unlock crambled channels?

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If no text is displayed on the Hyper Terminal, try using another cable. What kind of satellite dish should I have in order to watch sky sports UK package in my country Ghana; is it normal dish or motorized dish because I really love sky sports and will really love to have their package 3.

Hi Leemy, pls does T. The stb sees the usb stick and initialises 46663x when the file is listed it goes with the error message.

It is a standard, agreed to by manufacturers of satellite receivers, to interface a digital receiver to a Conditional Access Module CAMwhere the purpose of the CAM is to decipher encrypted signals. It contains or requests illegal information. I don’t need it anymore as I took it back and got a refund. What can I do to resolve the problem of no audio,no video stronng strong X. Please check and try again.


I have renamed both the loader which I am guessing via usb does not have to be used and firmware files to exe and stb files as I read somewhere else that this had to be done but I have never seen that before.

Strong SRT 4663X Satellite Receiver Software, Tools

I need a reset master code for my srt x strong decoder i av forgotten the password. Thanks for the Reply. I want connection code reciver technocoms Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Please advise in this matter. Now my decoder has gone bunkers. Pls i wont to upgrade my x how do i do it stronng pls.

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However, if you fry your decoder, you can still wake it by reading my post here. Notify me of new posts by email. In this post, i shall be passing out two information. I am so grateful to see u on net. I have an irrepressible passion for sharing the latest and trending tech-related ideas and information.

Any help would be gladly accepted. Salon is master unit and kitchen is slave unit.

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Of course if you encounter any difficulties you can email tech strong. If you are experiencing problems with the function of xoftware unit, you can contact our Technical Help Desk via email or phone tech strong.


Also once i have the firmware, do i just go to menu data transfer and press o. Ask Your Question Fast!

If still not working, try to reset your receiver by disconnecting the power skftware for about 30 seconds and then reconnecting it. Alexandre, please do a factory reset and blindscan your decoder only once.

Strong SRT X Satellite Receiver Software, Tools – Mr-Dish

Am a victim of this where recently i bought, i believe now to be a fake one after reading of your invaluable articles. How to unlock channels on strong soctware x? Presently it is not giving me quality and woftware strength sometimes as well. If I go to Autodetect, the loader shows the version number of the firmware I load into the box, that’s about it. I think if you want to upgrade the software of your sun direct then you should contact to your sun Direct service provider and they wi