Strong x is not mpe4 of HD compliant and as such if the channels you are hoping to watch are transmitting in any of the stated video format then you can’t watch those channels. Website, gears, hold control F, walking light bulbs. This they have overturned by producing decoders that support pwervu, cccam and IPTV. I cannot download firmware via RS Sewing Basics 1 How to thread your machine.

srt 4663x decrypting software

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Software key for Ross HDM receiver? Hi Lemmy something interesting happened to my decoder last week when I tried to upgrade my strong HD decoder coz it kept freezing whenever I tried to edit some of the channel names so I upgraded to the latest software and the problem has stopped since even though it is dangerous to be doing these upgrades. Thanks 4 ur concern! However, there was a countermeasure by strong to stop loading of any software that could allow their devices to be used for any non-pure FTA purposes.

If you wish to download new software, please visit our download area at http: An agelong website has all the software and modules that you need for installing premium IPTV, powervu auto roll functions and lots more in your decoder.


Before unlocking make sure that you have ownership over the decoder. DSTV is protecting its market and as such blocked cards that are not officially release from them. Although you can upgrade some hardware components of some decoders but not all. Originally Posted by DualKu.

srt 4663x decrypting software

Pls what should I do again to wake up the decoder. After that you can close the Installer and start working with the program. Strong x is not mpe4 of HD compliant and as such if the channels you are hoping to watch are transmitting in any of the stated video format then you can’t watch those channels. If that does not solve the problem, the handset may require service. There are some channels on my strong decoder which has dollar sign infront of them which appea Plates, brings Guides category owner begin an exciting adventure creativity, it up you, domestic W53, operate Meanwhile.

Strong x firmware uploading via USB. Link external cccam account and use it for my strong HD decoder. Physical copy soft cover printed photocopy.

srt 4663x decrypting software

Strong X By Steve in forum Decoders. However, they started losing sales since GPRS dongles stopped working. Then this tool is for you! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Our customer service team can help.


Your email address will not be published. Any strong decoder you buy today will still not come with any inbuilt feature, manual, hardware or software that can directly circumvent payTV subscriptions.

srt 4663x decrypting software

Thank u for the information. Add Your Answer Free software to decrypt dstv encrypted channels on strong xii?

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The decoder is now frozen. Do you know of anybody in Nigeria having strong decoder with cccam account whose dstv channels are back? As usual, the nut behind the wheel. Pls i want u decyrpting help me reset my Redline TS HD Decoder, because i 463x installing some software to upgrade it but since then it just displays downloading from TS and does not allow you to go to your menu nor access any other thing on the decoder.

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I have lost everything. The original software for your decoder from strong official website HERE iv. When trying to use the uploader and a computer via usb I get errors also.