He also later proved himself to be a complete flake going through stages as a black right wing conservative, a born again Christian, and I think he even got involved in some sort of bizarre eastern religion for a while. I picked this up this summer from one of those carts of old middle school library books that they give away for free to bummy senior citizens and single mothers. Retrieved May 5, This fury, this incredible compassion, urgency.. The internet synopsis says they are a collection of essays he wrote during his time in jail prior to his involvement with the Black Panther Party. I think my point is more or less clear on this one. At one point Cleaver actually says that his whole motivation for raping white women was that he considered it a “revolutionary act”, it was his way of striking back at “white” society.

soul on ice eldridge cleaver

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Cleaver represents through his writing the tortured black, tortured intellect, tortured poor, tortured criminal Apr 28, Eleridge Winston rated it really liked it. From Cleaver’s “inside” viewpoint the black revolution is not just burn ing ghettos and battles with cops; it is also an unseen force in the dancehalls and the pop songs and at the ringside of championship fights.

The functions of the mind are performed by white men Omnipotent Administrators and the functions of the body by black men Supermasculine Menials. This fusion, while possessed of the noble aim to draw eldrldge youth in from exile eldriddge be politically engaged, was also lacking the long view which renews political ties with a progressive past in order to build upon prior knowledge instead of duplicating present effort.


Eldridge Cleaver: the fervent thawing of a soul on ice | Maclean’s | MARCH

He is black and revolutionary. The difference here being that there is no Cartesian boot-licking. I should feel guiltier about not liking this book, I suppose, but I don’t think that would be fair.

So for any good memoir, it is always the point you can still fail to make your point and will fail- this is something that always fails.

Eldridge Cleaver: the fervent thawing of a soul on ice

I quickly understood, back then, that to attempt to refute Cleaver was to admit immediate defeat. I won’t even defend what he’s most outspoken about and known for – his opinions on race in America.

soul on ice eldridge cleaver

He gave me many reasons to support this. A lot of it comes out with the pain, rage, and frustration of a man in prison, so I think you have to keep that in mind with every page. I read it with a sense of loss, however: With these disbarred, it’s hard to see what is left for a reader.

The bulk of the book consists of prison autodidact-style ruminations on race. This fury, this incredible compassion, urgency. Other than that most of Soul on Ice is a complete lump of garbage.

soul on ice eldridge cleaver

People like free will, and they ledridge to condemn each other without acknowledging the system, the environment and its very real role in deciding what we become. Cleaver epitomized a form of thought leadership manifesting itself in this whirlwind period of Black radicalism which had wrestled ideological dominance back from the sanitized presentation of the centrist Black clergy and political class.

Soul on Ice

There he was given a copy of The Communist Manifesto. Feb 12, Nancy Oakes rated it liked it Shelves: He shows us, basically, how history repeats itself.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. He was also a homophobe and an advocate of violent revolution. I’m not suggesting that you have to study history to understand edridge book – in fact, I think a lot of what he says about people and race relations in America resonates today – but there’s something lost with the passage of time. He makes no attempt to reconcile them and even though this isn’t an autobiography as billedit becomes a self-portrait of incredible clarity for that simple fact.

Experience anything and everything Maclean’s has ever published — over 3, issues andarticles, images and advertisements — since These reviews seem indicative of the book’s difficulty, but also of a popular alienation epdridge the race question, or any such challenge soull that matter.

I can certainly understand the validity of many of the points made in this book, but the seething vitriolic undercurrents take the whole thing down. Cleaver presents the following three points as evidence of Baldwin’s racial disdain: This one was an especially hard read and I think it’s probably best that I waited those twenty years to start it. Jul 11, Ryan rated it did not like it. The inclusion of these letters seemed so surreal to me, yet they appear to have been very heartfelt. Mar 31, Rowena rated it really liked it Shelves:

soul on ice eldridge cleaver