It is the lighting you see in the map templates. Answers to this question. DominantDirectionalLight has been modified in various properties. That is what I am here trying to figure out at the moment. Why am I seeing weird lighting in my scene?

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UDK: New Map Templates Deconstruction

DominantDirectionalLight has been modified in various properties. There are a few things behind the scenes. Learn more about how to place StaticMeshes into your map uvk.

In this tutorial we are going to deconstruct the map templates and talk about what is going on behind the scenes so you better understand what you are dealing with. These four lighting setups are midday, night, dawn and sunset. So if there’s any way to integrate the atmospheric fog with the skydome, that would be awesome as well.

Duplication and distribution is illegal and strictly prohibited. Did you ever solve this?

UDK: New Map Templates Deconstruction

New Map Templates Deconstruction Category: Why does it look like a light follows the camera? Everything is done for you. You should be able to control and modify the properties and tweak to your liking.


Light propagation volume does nothing in 4. Thank you in advance! I use a dot product which I split between a cameravectorws node and a lightvector.

I don’t know what to do, I want a sun disk that follows the directional light and is projected onto my skydome. Do the same for any other actor you want to take a look at. It is more natural and realistic way how the fog works. It is the lighting you see in the map templates. The floor and the cube. Separate the words idk spaces cat dog to search cat,dog or both. There is no need to insert lights, fog, sky dome, set up world properties or insert a player start.

We deconstructed the UDK map templates and I hope you have a better understanding. What is included in UDK map templates? World Properties include various map settings that can be modified, such as post process, lighting and gameplay elements. This is an important volume that needs to be set up uvk the start.


This will allow you to tweak, modify or create your own. I’ve created a skydome in 3ds max and imported it as an fbx. The map templates help to quickly set up an environment with variety of lighting.

You could also go to and select Show Modified Properties. All content is based on my own personal experimentation, experience and opinion. These can be combined with each other. You can change and modify any of the properties that are in the map templates. ExponentialHeightFog is more dynamic and creates more fog density in low places, and less fog density in high places. Anything bolded has been modified. In the next tutorial we will cover how to add your own custom template and have it show up in the menu as a choice.

After setting the material to light function it becomes extremely bright.