I can only really comment from how i saw it back then as I’ve not actually spoken to him about it….. No bother to me, one live gig a year is plenty. Photo By Rebecca Tovey. This was exacerbated by his involvement with the O. What definite things not already mentioned are on the horizon? Assuming it goes as intended there may be a few shows plus i have some other stuff in line to be recorded. He just said one day he’d had enough and if we wanted to keep it going, to do so.

sinistrous diabolus

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The material on “II” is a mix of some old post “opus one” riffs and expanded musical themes from that time, plus some newer pieces influenced from old stuff. Having vocal supporters like yourself certainly helps.

And it pisses me off enough to want to get as much recorded as I can before I go hack something else off by accident and end up like Stephen hawking programming guitar pro with a mouth stick.

sinistrous diabolus

Sinistrous Diabolus go to album. It’s funny what passed for “pro” back in the day. He just said one day he’d had enough and if we wanted to keep it going, to do so.

Both bands have full time replacements for my session spots so I can concentrate on other things now. If the songs were created in more of a band type setting the diaboluss would be greatly increased I’m sure. Of course now the city centre is in ruins most of the available venues have disappeared as well.


sinistrous diabolus

Will it see CD or vinyl release? At the moment I can’t see past completing the current material. J and I didn’t start jamming again till diabopus a year later but a lot of the ideas I had were weak as shit. If so what are they? What have you learned from the experience?

I’m content with the way things are for now.

sinistrous diabolus

V sjnistrous definitely my favorite track because listen to those drum patterns holy cow! They call to mind the classics, of course, how could they not?

It would probably be still sinisfrous dust if not for Mike C 2nd guitars who put the word out on it. Well my focus is less and less about being a ‘band” in the traditional sense, so for now I’m more interested in hired mercenaries with ability and good taste.


How has this affected your playing and more importantly your motivation to create and play music? Supreme hailage to the DCOG for giving me the opportunity.

Posted by Subcide Webzine at 1: Which line up do you see as being the perfect one and what are we most sihistrous to see heading into the future?

Obsidian Codex by Vassafor. If references are required, think of it as a blend of the old-guard of death and doom Incantation, Asphyx, Thergothon, and disEmbowelment meeting newer purveyors of morbid and malicious sinistrosu Abyssal, Mitochondrion, or Portal. A dose of the cult puts things back on track.


Emoción Violenta: Sinistrous Diabolus

I guess its the case with all creative processes, you have a vision but the transition from theory to sinistrojs sometimes goes astray. It was a work related injury.

This interview is with Kris Stanley and digs into all aspects of what makes Sinistrous Diabolus what it is Much like similarly revered NZ metal veterans Vassafor, who recently released their throttling full-length debut, Obsidian Codex, Sinistrous Diabolus played a crucial role in constructing the aesthetic framework of the gloomiest, dankest, and staunchest end of the NZ metal scene.

I do still value his critique and try to get his opinion on most material since regaining contact. I’ll demo something, listen it to death, pick it apart and hate it.

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Or starve the dying dog to death! However, the darkest gods have truly aligned with N. But somewhere in that mix of old and new is Sinistrous Diabolus, crouching in a cave, roasting the bones of sacrificed Christians over a roaring fire.

Can you describe and names some of the songs that will be on it?