Now you can take your measurements directly off the plans and avoid unnecessary trips to the job site. PlanSwift is completely customizable, giving us the ability to cater to our customer’s specific needs. PlanSwift is the 1 takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry. I could not be happier. Steve Gorman 84 Lumber. Now, just export your materials list and order your product. With PlanSwift’s Joist Tool you quickly calculate your decking needs and create accurate and complete estimates.

planswift for sage

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How much copper wiring will you waste on your next job because you don’t know the precise length needed? Mike Boyer 84 Lumber. Count the fittings needed right on the plan while PlanSwift adds each counted item to the material list. What if the cost of materials or labor rates change?

Use the count tool to calculate exactly how many plants to order, and where to put them.

Sage Construction |

I admit I do not know too much when sate comes to computers, but with PlanSwift I have been able to move through the software without much trouble. Calculating roofing material needs is a cinch with PlanSwift. Trades Testimonials General Contracting.

This program is very user-friendly and straightforward.


planswift for sage

The only way to arrive at an accurate flooring estimate is with precision measurements. With today’s high cost of material, if you miss an asphalt estimate by a few percent any profit could quickly disappear.

PlanSwift for Sage | Software | Practical Software Solutions

You can download electronic plans right from the plan room or import plans using plxnswift standard formats. How do you count the number of fittings you will need for your kitchen or bathroom jobs? Even the most complex roofs can be conquered in minutes.

The program is well worth exploring.

Sage Construction

Let PlanSwift do it for you, quickly and accurately. No more waiting for prints or plots from the architect or engineers.

Now there’s an easy way to figure lengths, materials counts, labor and other important elements of an electrical job. Do your runs snake around corners and drop down walls? Do not let poor estimates jeopardize your bottom line.

PlanSwift not only works well as an estimating software, but as a tool to help sell more product. The program is easy to use, with a minimal learning curve, allowing our team to be productive right from the start.

It’s all done on-screen automatically. Do you need the same accuracy for your insulating estimates you get by counting cavities by hand? PlanSwift makes sure you know the exact dimensions of the project before you commit to an estimate.


When you are finished, you know precisely how many items you need because they are all color-coded and accounted for. Now you can create a complete layout of the proposed ceiling grid before you start the job.

Sage Estimating integration with PlanSwift – How do I integrate or contact support?

PlanSwift instantly transfers your final quantities into Sage Estimating Software as you work. How much concrete do you need for that next foundation job?

You will accurately account for every wall, ceiling surface, trim, windows, etc. And on the job site, downloading the portions of the plans you need to your foor.

PlanSwift includes tools to help you calculate square footage, volumes and linear dimensions, plaanswift if the “linear” winds around bends and curves at the edge of the flower bed. Need a joist layout and count?

planswift for sage

I could not be happier. Now you can generate exact materials lists.