Drop last column Cannot drop the last column of a table. The MicroKernel cannot access the archival logging configuration file. The application encountered an incompatible mode error. The specified key flags are invalid See The file is already closed See The data buffer is too small.

pervasive btrieve

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It also introduced the concept of a system transaction and a user transaction.

pervasive btrieve

The specified file is in use by another client See Data buffer of the local engine is too small See Multiple columns may not be renamed to the same name When you rename multiple columns, each new name must be unique.

The file sharing mechanisms remained the same, bhrieve it still used SEFS and MEFS file sharing modes, shadow-paging and allowed for exclusive and concurrent locks.

A table must contain at least one column.

pervasive btrieve

Specify a name between characters, using numerals and letters only. Archived from the original on The database name is invalid.

The application encountered a server error See Data file for a table is bound, but does not need to be bound.


Pervasive Data Parser for Btrieve – Free Download – Tucows Downloads

Inversion 6. The Pervasive Network Services Layer is pervasve of memory. Failure during send to the target server. Local access is unavailable to the MicroKernel router See No such index exists The name you specified for an index does not exists in the dictionary.

Migrate Your Btrieve Database to SQL – BTR2SQL – Mertech

Delete connected cycle While defining a foreign key, there was btrueve foreign key delete rule violation. Ensure that the following file is located in the proper directory and is the correct version for your product: No cache buffers are available See Error Condition Description Table name cannot be qualified with database name The context of the new table and the existing table is the current database.

The specified key flags are invalid. InPervasive Software released Pervasive PSQL v11, which allows users to take full advantage of multithreading for faster database processing.

The Btrieve (Pervasive.SQL) Driver

Check the name of the procedure called and try again. Migrate your Btrieve or Pervasive.


The file is already extended See The first statement attempts to move the column to position zero. The number of keys btieve is invalid.

The bound database cannot share data dictionary files. The position block parameter is not bytes long See The application attempted to perform a chunk operation on a pre-v6.

Pervasive Data Parser for Btrieve 9.2.1

The current positioning is invalid. Sie befinden sich hier: The MicroKernel cannot access the archival logging configuration file See Negotiations between The Woodward’s and Novell were entered into, and after two years Novell announced 26 Jan, pevrasive it was going to transfer ownership of Btrieve to Btrieve Technologies, Incorporated also known as BTI.

pervasive btrieve

Btrieve continued for a few years while ScalableSQL was quickly dropped. The compression buffer length is too short See The bound database cannot share table data files See