Not a strong one volume wise but still. Musical decongestant for the mind. Next to be finished was ‘Somersettler’ in Sign In Sign Up. Obviously my hopes were sort of high. He was 58 years old.

ott blumenkraft

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As for this album, it’s really well put together, although some of the tracks sound a little samey – but I’m still impressed with the majority of his blummenkraft and I’m not bored with In Dub yet as I only recently purchased it!!

ott blumenkraft

Then some bigger variation on the beat, some tribal chants and something. The beginning of the 3rd part of the album if you ask me. Or browse results titled:. After that was released I went back and wrote the last three tracks for what became ‘Blumenkraft’: Distant, approacing, ending, slowly fading away.

Manipulation goes ottt and beeps!

ott blumenkraft

Manipulation is once again, just out of this world! Don Carlos As a Long-time listener or reggae music, and lover of electronic I hear from one of my friends, who took this cd and played it when he was on the Andeman Islands Indiathat blmuenkraft really loved this Tune!!!


Blumenkraft | Ott

Nice hidden effect at The guitar came a long somewhere around If this album would have been released before the Shpongle albums people would definetly compare Shpongle albums to it. So what is this album? At the edge of Spannered In Pilton My preview might be very confusing and from time to time seem like random nonsense, what really isn? Correct me if I? Also some grasshoppers can be heard in the foreground.

Ott – ‘Blumenkraft’ on highest-quality double vinyl. by Ott — Kickstarter

Nice with some translation here!!! Might have been telepoported from another planet?

One word to sum it up: The main verse is from a Bollywood song: The artwork seemed nice. Daniel Sol [Ensancha el Alma Rec.

The manipulation is very Posfordish. One of my favorites again.

Only he, and well. What is to come now? I just love that bollywood theme! Spannered In Pilton Followed by even cooler.


Ott: “Blumenkraft”

Billy The Kid Strikes Again? Melody, which once again in my opinion is a little pirate like. Splitting An Atom While the original intent of dub was to shock and awe, to explode traditional reggae song structures with the blumenoraft application of effects units and extreme mixology, it has, for the most part, ossified into rather standardized patterns: Strong latino influences here.