The dashboard shows your Favourites favorite places , your GPX tracks list, the plugins information, etc. Best of all, the entire system, the map data and software used to manipulate and display it, are crowdsourced. When you get to a dark place, be it a night outdoors or a dark room, the app will switch to the night map viewing mode. Atom topic feed Powered by FluxBB. OsmAnd supports directly contributing to the OSM database, both online and offline. Subsequent use does not require an Internet connection, which allows unlimited usage without incurring potentially costly data transfer charges. Please note that the Map language sets the language of the names on the map.

osmand tiles

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osmand tiles

To do that, just tap Configure mapthen go to the Show section. You can change your map style.

osmand tiles

The Light sensor option turns the night and day mode on based on the lighting in your environment. Most common use are mobile apps like OsmAnd, Maps.

How to use the map

But how to view all thee maps without getting lost toles the details? The free OsmAnd version has the limit of 7 downloads including additional voice prompts, etc.

osmand tiles

Pick the one you need and proceed to the application. For offline use, you need to pre-download your maps. You can also view the routes available in the Routes section.


You can customize them, download different types of maps and even edit them! Also, you can make your own maps using OsmAnd Map Creatora tool designed for this purpose. This affects all distance and speed information widgets and announcements. OsmAnd offers a wide range of widgets to help you see exactly osmans you need during navigation and when you just view the map.

A dashboard is yiles starting screen with different cards containing information about different groups of settings or files. Retrieved from ” https: There can be however client side rendering used on the desktop, for example multilingual Belorus or India maps:. For example, use a Bing Earth map as an underlay and add a hillshade overlay.

OsmAnd – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Besides the general map itself, you’ll see a contour lines map, a Wikipedia file, a hillshade map, etc. Just as with rendering, it is possible to change the parameters used by the routing engine.

To download the map, just tap the download button next to it. You can hide all the excessive data from the map and simply overlay roads over the satellite images. OsmAnd uses the OpenStreetMap, the maps made by the open-source project, a community of volunteer contributors who work on the maps every day.

Vector tiles / Rendering maps / OpenStreetMap Forum

For example, combining Microsotf Earth map with the basic OsmAnd map can be very helpful. SQ lite is a single file with the area you selected while tiles are separate pieces of the osmanv gathered on your device.


OsmAnd development plugin must be activated to see the setting. Help the coders document and best express the program’s features, and explain all the typical use-cases. Geodemographic information from Wikipedia and other sources may be integrated as a POI shown on the mobile maps.

This is a bit involved, please check osmqnd our forumour HowTo pagesand start from the depends rendering template. Just download the program, then run it.

Begin with OsmAnd

The software is well refined, reliable, globally deployed, and runs on many Android and iOS based smartphones, tablets, and a wide array of Linux-based systems. If the downloads are inactive, you’ll need to turn on the contour lines plugin first. You can simply just report problems, and that by itself is very helpful. As you launch the app, you’ll see the start screen suggestion you to download maps. You are not logged in. Just go to the map by tapping Back. It is a candidate for osm-carto migration, but there are still many moving parts, so expect no immediate results.