Hi, You will probably run into problems because they are not compatible. This constructor initializes the AcDbFace to use the points ptpt2 as the four corner points of the face with pt2 being used for both the third and fourth corner points. Access violation reading at 0xa. So now I have a second question. Hello, There are so many potential causes. This is the one that I was interested in anyway.

objectarx wizard 2014

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David W Estridge dwestridge comcast.

ObjectARX Wizard for Visual Studio 2010

Well, my breakpoints do not work and the debugger type is AUto already. There are some tricks to allow it to generate compatible code but I really would suggest you to avoid obhectarx tricks.

Well, i cant isolate that code, but if before all its ok, and now its malfunction, what can it be?? AcRxDynamicLinker failed to load ‘c: I was thinking I could buy a new hard disk and install there a previous trial version of autocad, together with wizar visual net There is a binary break. Don’t start to guess the settings and play with them until they work because it may fix one error and create another.


ObjectARX Wizard for Visual Studio – Outside The Box

More info about it here: Thanks for ur time! I would like to look at them.

objectarx wizard 2014

You need to use the latter. Not sure how you created your VS Project but if it was done manually check the Project type: Where can I download objectarx ? My VS version is: This produces a face that is objecarx.

I didn’t know the requirements. Take a look at the other reply I answered you to try to get the debug to work. For that a simple define may do the trick.

Please let me know if any of these tips did objectafx your problem.

ObjectARX & Dummies: Requirements

In fact the way and the code itself is different and the way to use the features may also vary a little bit. Did you set the Platform Toolset: There are some tricks over the Internet to make VS.

Thanks by ur help!

objectarx wizard 2014

When you load it, the message will come up saying that it is not compatable withbut will load it anyway. Before all were fine, and some wizrd after this is what happening Well, only i deleted the line because it isn’t necessary and all go ok again! It seems there is a problem with your.


Sometimes in AutoCAD an object left opened will crash later when you reuse it or its container so the code line where the crash occurred doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem is there.

If not, could I use this tutorial?

Your error is too generic. Try to just open the projects inside VS follow VS migration wizard and try to compile.

Basically if you need to support both , and , families you will need to live with VS and VS in parallel. As a matter of fact, the ideal scenario would be changing the open to READ and keep the upgradeOpen call. Only in the x64 machine with VSAutocad and Objectarxwhich of these will be the cause? The following two calls in your code: Difficult to say without seeing your project.