Thanks for any help. Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 1 2 3 11 51 Last. Download the GApps release that matches the version of your CyanogenMod from here. I got to step 8th and have this ….. The instructions on how to get the requested information are in this post. You can find the instructions for doing that here: And now, question No …..

nook color cm10

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How to install CyanogenMod to EMMC on the Nook Color – Code Yarns ????‍????

It might be a bug in a particular nightly. At the time of this writing, there is no stable release of CM10 for the Nook Color.

nook color cm10

Perhaps the cm and gapp files supposed to have nok same number at the end ie, ? Do you know of a comparably simple method for the Nook Tablet? It’s on my list of projects though, unfortunately it’s more toward the bottom of the list.


I have gone through co,or process carefully twice, but it still loads to the standard Nook color os. Although it is a little sluggish, is there anyway to improve speed?

nook color cm10

Hey check this out i saw some informantion related to CyanogenMod Followed step by step seemed easy enough. Man Ashwin thanks but I need ur help.

nook color cm10

I enter my WEP password for my home network but it does not connect. It has happened to me. What’s so great about Voip. Something is going wrong when you are preparing the SD card. Noom you know how to fix this? XDA the next stop. I may have to unroot the CM7 and root CM I use it to read books and for Pocket.

So, it has much better hardware. I’m getting “no external storage available” when using the Galley app. Do not unzip the files, only copy them. On Windows, you can use Win32 Disk Imager: I had no idea that the SD card affected speed so much. Give the CyanogenMod forums a try.


[ROM] CyanogenMod 10 Nightly Builds for Nook Color

Thank you Thank you. I just installed If you put the SD card into your computer you can see one of its partitions.

Just got done updating my rooted CM 7 to CM In CM7, all my apps were on one page,easily reached.

Copor the Nook Color is charged to last at least 30 minutes. Redmi Note 8 kernel source code is now available September 20, Your instructions were super easy to follow.

NOOK Color gets Android 4.2 thanks to CyanogenMod 10.1

Please use that in the rest of this guide. Everything else seems fine, unless it nookk internet access. Android without the Google applications is pretty useless. I was trying to copy cm