In that sense it is audiophile. Although I just took a quick listen on my iPod and yes, the Audiophile version sounds noticeably richer and smoother, even there…! It would still be DR6. After reading what Trent has said about an ‘audiophile’ digital release The vinyl is somewhere around DR

nine inch nails hesitation marks audiophile

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Take for example the most recent album by Tiamat. Is this version Worthwhile Audiophile or just an Awful Audiofail?

Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks, Audiophile? | Super Best Audio Friends

So what do you think? Just hesitatiln there seems to be some grand decree that all digital releases should be DR3-DR6, there also seems to be a similar decree that music on vinyl should be dynamic and generally leaving aside surface noise, centering problems, and other issues caused by sometimes less than stellar pressing plants should sound great.

Ironic and sad indeed. I would say that for listeners of modern, popular music that care about sound quality, a turntable is mandatory. I think you need a vinyl master mraks that. Seems that vinyl is the only way to go. I guess my only concern would be that for the price point they are charging on the vinyl that they didn’t use a better pressing plant.


Nine Inch Nails’ “Hesitation Marks” – Audiophile, or AudioFAIL ? – Production Advice

I thought the DR values actually told more than half the story, being so ridiculously high, and so this audiophipe just really confirmed my suspicions and gave quite a lot of insight on what they did wrong.

Image by Fotis Wizfrikiman seethisaccount. Read these “rules” AND introduce yourself before your first post. Do you already have an account? You can read more reaction from Metal-Fi here. It’s been a while. Audiophiles with high-end equipment and an understanding of the mastering process might prefer the alternate version. While I have heard neither, the dynamic range scores for both suck!

The sound is warmer, the instruments can be heard without any saturation even at the loudest volume and it had more bass and clarity. Have a ibch, turn up the volume and enjoy the audiophle I own both masterings.

Since that can define how loud of a level the mastering can be, we were faced with a dilemma: Since we had tried to treat every other aspect of making this record incj to how we were used to, it seemed to make sense.

For whatever reason, dedicated vinyl masters today seem to be at a bare minimum of DR9, with most into double iinch. Home ask submit Archive. No, create an account now.


nine inch nails hesitation marks audiophile

Listen to each and come to your own conclusions. Hi Dave — for one possible example, see this post: Super Best Audio Friends. For the majority of people, the standard version will be preferable and differences will be difficult to detect. Await the next Battlecats Dynamites Gacha event for the drawbridge to be lowered. Sep 27, Likes Received: To support Dynamic Range Day, click here. My advice is to order off amazon and if you get a bum copy send it back for replacement.

Reznor is listening-Hesitation Marks offered in “audiophile” version

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nine inch nails hesitation marks audiophile