The soundscape has evolved, the mellower parts are more mellow, and the loud parts are louder and there aren’t as much D-A-Hm-G chord progressions. The thing that makes Mineral so special is how everything is so thoroughly done. Monday 22 July More Love this track. It really sets the atmosphere that the album will constantly support throughout its entirety.

mineral endserenading

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You will hate this.

Wednesday 24 April Friday 21 June Sunday 15 September Saturday 4 May Release Date August 25, Tuesday 10 September The conclusion is endserenadimg invigorating sprint, the likes of which never gets repeated. EndSerenading is one of the most brilliant and moving albums ever and I say that with confidence.

mineral endserenading

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Mineral – EndSerenading |

Artist images 21 more. Wednesday 5 June Saturday 29 June Wednesday 11 September Friday 13 September Through a few rabid fans, that 7″ found its way into the hands of crank! This Message Edited On Wednesday 8 May These events are described in depth, with details.

mineral endserenading

Friday 19 July From start to finish this piece of art has greatness written all over it. You could keep on going through the record track-for-track like this and be delighted with the outcome. Tuesday 20 Emdserenading Tuesday 16 July Hope has filled the room again, and the band fucking deserve every smile, every sweaty embrace between friends, and should feel vindicated for completing a record that may never have made it out of the studio if not for incredible self-belief and, yes, faith.

Wednesday 17 April IT does tend to peter out and get boring after a while.

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