This tutorial was done in vix 2. I really got tired of this. First – World of Satellite – Absolutely brilliant! I have tried it several times and end up with no cams to select: That problem is solved and it was due to incorrect filezilla settings.

mgcamd 1.38 openpli

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Did you reboot the box after installing the CCcam, had a similar issue this afternoon and had to reboot box twice and I could autostart the cam afterwards. That was the one mate. Unfortunately there is no up to date ViX for the 2S. Ist echt einfach und openoli super!

It doesnt make any difference, and don’t know why there are two. Thank you in advance I think you have to ask on the PLi-forum about this. Chose to try Openpli 6. Box got to be connected to the internet. Sorry i forgot to mention about mgcamd Are there any simple examples anywhere.


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Can be watching one thing on my tv I installed dream-explorer from download plugins – extensions. Would you please guide me through this? Ipenpli basically I think he wants to change the cam startup script I do too. I tried the torrent file but it doesn’t seem to work at all. Forums New posts Search forums. But it’s the same result. But perhaps test it. The VIX submenu doesn’t have the option to install.

I searched the openpli.


I decided to go with asldot suggestioninstall Openatv 6. Im noob and had a dvb before where i used mgcamd 1. Thanks for reply mate.

mgcamd 1.38 openpli

The other benefit is that it enables you to install your own compiled oscam for your sat receiver and you dont have to rely on addon panels etc which contain old or buggy oscam versions. Hi Arne, Had similar issues myself long so long ago.

Maybe the latest images have more added to them than your previous image? I have created CFG file from notepad. Not to forget, I should thank you for your continuous help. Mgcamd did it in one time. Reformatted my storage device to have a totally fresh install and still the same results. For the fun of it sick: It’s doing my head in CCCam works fine but this Mgcamd doesn’t.


Use this one enigma2-plugin-cams-mgcamd. I can’t smile wide enough at the moment.

mgcamd 1.38 openpli

Create 1 using notepad and save it as CCcam.