Here are some key features of “TibiaBot NG”: Read More here Get the new one here 8. I have a prem moneymaking acc , I could make a mage to 45 in a few days with prem but do you guys think the magebomb will get us easily banned? And because of noone finished their characters on Ocera its not released yet There is a somewhat buggy “Formation mode”that you can activate by hitting the delete key; hit escape to switch back to regular. What’s new New posts Latest activity. Joined May 12, Messages Best answers 0 Reaction score 2.

magebomb 9.60

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magebomb 9.60

I don’t know how you guys can do that non pvp shit. Simply download the application we unpack it and run. I’m gonna make a char now, only 1 for me, since my net is shit I can’t handle more atm, but I hope I can 9.660 my part.

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List of people can be found here http: Help us with further development of MageBot by purchasing a license. Anti Idle- Form does not log off after 15 minutes. Paladins using Paladin Run mode will automatically magebomg exori san on ghosts as well.

magebomb 9.60

If you are going mahebomb try out the paladin functionality make sure you put your spears in your right hand and put your extra spears on the ground on one of the squares the bot walks over while hunting.


Na example, a character with the nick “Bbot”.

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Can you please make ALL character say something before it starts killing people? But if this goes well I see no reason why this shouldn’t work on any other server aswell: Regarding area attacks we can macro some noob chars to protect our shooters so that wont be a big problem, plus I think that we can use them to make careless ppl take black skull with luring plans.

Why is that though? There are 2 guilds there ffs, it’s gonna be piss easy.

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Courtesy of our new Gfx Designer 8. A new Run mode has been added and the Looter now accepts a Range to Loot. Botting will make this easier Please report any bugs on the forums. You are welcome to test it out before the transition though, just be sure to backup your old Magebot setup file and delete your character settings so that the new default settings will overwrite.

That was optional PVP on warmode about 6 months ago, but wasn’t really difficult, just shot 2 paras and sd’d him 9 times and he dropped not in that order, ofc lol. Alart when no magic item- Alarm when there is no blanks or spear. Everyone needs to download this update. Only if others get serious about it too though. Selectable blank rune and spear Spell- What should speak with casting spells. There isnt a world like Ocera, anywhere else, I have no words to describe its state, totally fucked up server, you have no idea, just create a char there and you will understand.


What are the mageobmb reasons for that?? And because of noone finished their characters on Ocera its not released yet For a better experience, please enable Magevomb in your browser before proceeding. That’s the only non-legit frag we had. Must be open backpack Auto Group Item- Automatically grouped items.

Small Update 11 Dec written by Webmaster A few small bug fixes. Goes up and down rope holes, ladders and stairs!

The current forums will probably be disontinued and remade inside blackds forums. Shoot- What we choose to attack. Not a bad little war, I prefer it when theres few ppl, makes it more “personal” and 9.6 offensive, if you know what I mean Used it to test on a friend on my and my cousins main accs.