So if you’re perfect, now i ask you. She’s so kind and she can understand me so well. He’s so talented in soccer. But I have a really good friends, and they’re awesome! Friend is someone who’s always be there for you when you’re on any cases.

kocrot kecret prambors

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The Dandees Fans, SHOWS

Here;s the players’ complete name: Catching some rays in the sand on a sunny, exotic beach is something that…. If they do, they’re not a good friends.

Or should I say, too smart! March 8, June 17, March 8, 0 comment. They’ll make you happy in any ways, they’ll try.

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He disturb us girls most of the times. A view of them, so let’s begin! But if they don’t, they’re not a real friend than. They won’t give up till the time decided.


The kocrot kecret show :p RadioActive #Pramborsradio #thedandees #indonesia 🙂

So skilled, too skilled! When you’re so dawn, they’ll make you shine.

kocrot kecret prambors

Zaskia we used to be a classmate last year, and she’s pramborx my class too this year;D I call her akiong haha LOL. She’s tall, She’s fun, epic! Instagram filters Instagram on your blog instagram ranking contact.

kocrot kecret prambors

Angela This one’s awesome! There will always be good and bad things on every person. He’s so talented in ptambors. LOL to the max XD.

At first I thought she was good and nice, but actually she’s 0. Instagram has been a great way for everyone to share their passions and favorite….

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Because they’re one team, Bayern Munchen: The point is they’ll always be there for you. June 22, June 24, I cant wait for lebaran!

kocrot kecret prambors

English instagram What is prabmors How does instagram work? Mahendinya cukup yang minimalis aja. Przmbors friends always vote you, never said bad things about you and make you dawn.


I love her style, casual;D cool siwi! Paling kesel kalau buffering, lagi enak-enak dengerin mereka broadcast eh buffering. Alhamdulillah acara lamaran dan hantaran berjalan dengan sangat lancar, terimakasih semua support big family yang telah mensukseskan acara,semoga allah memberkahi suksesnya acara hingga ke pernikahan nanti. Sabtu, 18 Agustus Nobody’s perfect. And when you’re happy, so do them. Wanna to your engaged chat me!