This usually just takes parts of a second and is useful to generate previews, galleries, etc. In the top-left corner a tiny, shaded on-screend-display shows the current cursor position as well as the color value of the pixel. The nice thing about it is that it can output position information for the OCR text in hOCR format, so that it becomes possible to put the text back in in the correct position in a hidden layer of a PDF file. Only at the end, for image thumb. Create an image for every page of the PDF; either of the gs examples above should work Generate hOCR output for each page; I used tesseract but note that Cuneiform seems to work better. This is easy to fix though.


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As far as Linux is concerned, you do not have libXrender. Adding the repository and installing in Ubuntu sudo add-apt-repository ppa: Provizion Leads September 6, at The default key and mouse bindings are: Sign up using Email and Password.

This might be a problem with imprecise OCR data or justified text with huge gabs. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. I am an employee of the company producing above product.

For images including an alpha channel a checkboard is displayed in the background. By the way, I use tesseract for character recognition: Increases the size of the file a bit by adding the overlay text.


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In the future we will provide API documentation at this place as well as in-depth introduction and examples. I also tried specifying the resolution with a -r switch to hocr2pdf, but this did not result in any changes.

Even in low contrast images – here due to a rather saturated, dark background – the ExactImage library can still separate the barcode from the background. I wish there was a more complete solution; this is almost it!

You are very much welcome to contribute thrilling state-of-the-art algorithms. Thanks for the suggestion. Please note that the above script is very rudimentary. No binary packages seem to be available, so you need to build it from source. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

TIFF x 24 bits, 3 channels. ExactImage includes a special mode activated with the command line argument -s, –sloppy-text, to group glyphs between whitespace to words which can help PDF viewers to produce better results while cut and pasting text: Due the lack of open source, cross platform and high quality barcode recognition offerings, ExactCODE developed an own, portable barcode recognition framework targeting highest recognition accuracy and fast processing.


Just we are sure that we have some how given credits to the original author or certain that we are the one who did it and for free. My case is hocr2pff one where it doesn’t.

Linux OS & Server Applications: HOCR2PDF – ExactCode-ExactImage in Linux(Fedora 1X)

Create an image for every page of the PDF; either of the gs examples above should work Generate hOCR output for each page; I used tesseract but note that Cuneiform seems to work better. It only takes a minute to sign up. See if pdftotext hcr2pdf work for you.



Sign up using Email hocd2pdf Password. As just working on the DCT coefficients is less expensive in terms of CPU cycles as the decoding and re-encoding process is skipped, it saving a lot time and additionally prevents new compression artefacts. Fast down-scaling is also implemented by Enlightenment’s EPEG library explicitly and we should mention that EPEG is slightly faster, but with cost to image quality – mostly because it does just nearest neighbor scaling of the residual scaling applied on top of the partial DCT decoding: I found its interface quite easy to use but I can’t seem to get it to detect the existing text layer The answer is not really Ubuntu-specific but I want to really thank you: Sign up using Facebook.

Sign up to join this community. However without seeing the whole context of the text it is hard to make corrections.