After a couple of playthroughs of The Stanley Parable , you can open the door opposite the boss’s office. Peridot puts on some elevator music. When Stuart Ashen reviewed an iPad ripoff here the long loading screens gave him time to hum this. The Life , a Halo fanfiction, has several scenes when the characters have to take an elevator. Secret Squirrel , episode “Hot Rodney”: Hum “The Girl from Ipanema”, if you like.

girl from ipanema muzak

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That Guy with the Glasses: Retrieved from ” https: Grammy Award for Record of the Year. In the Discworld city of Ankh-Morpork, as envisaged by A. Some of the later enemy waves also enter through the elevator, accompanied by the same chime.

Sweets is playing “The Girl from Ipanema” on the piano when Caroline calls him to persuade him to give up his Minute Retirement: Billboard Hot [19]. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom plays a soft music aptly-named “Elevator Music” in the two big elevators connected to the village of Aeria.

She contends, therefore, that Frito-Lay could not lawfully use the recording in an advertisement for its chips without her permission.

The Elevator from Ipanema

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Hilarious, nightmarishly distorted ipanems music while exploring a seemingly completely dead ship. Keep in mind this is while the city you are currently in is being nuked from sub-orbit.


girl from ipanema muzak

In fact, the A. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat Year-end charts [ edit ] Chart Rank U. This section is about the song. When Alton Brown reviewed useless kitchen ipanma for The Daily Dotthe long cooking time for the Rollie Eggmaster was backed by a ballroom-style song that, if not precisely “The Girl from Ipanema”, was very close to it.

Smithwhen the title characters shoot their way into an elevator not once, but twice in quick succession. Reach has a mission where you have to take an elevator to shut down a comms jammer.

How do we handle problem users? Ipanemx press release by Jobim and Moraes, the composers, in which they had named Pinheiro as the real Girl from Ipanema Garota de Ipanema was used as evidence that they had intended to bestow this title on her.

girl from ipanema muzak

In the remake, one of the levels has a segment which almost entirely takes place in a big elevator and which has a remade version of the tune. Retrieved 11 Aug In the Steven Universe episode “Gem Drill”, Steven wishes he’d brought some music to listen to when he learns it’s going to take two hours to drill all the way to the Cluster. And in the Project Overlord DLC for the same game, the elevator music makes a comeback, while Shepard’s team is investigating a crashed Geth ship. In My Little Pony: She claims as a result to have earned trademark rights in the recording, which she contends the public recognizes as a muzzak designating her as a singer.


IdiotStyle IdiotStyle 3 3 bronze badges.

girl from ipanema muzak

So far, every single elevator scene has had a muzak arrangement playing in the background. Magicka spoofs this in the challenge map called “Caverns”, where the players enter the arena through a wooden mechanical platform that is somehow playing muzak.

The Elevator from Ipanema – TV Tropes

First Age elevators still play music after a millennium of disuse. Views Read Edit View history. As there’s no elevator prop, entering the elevator is signaled with a vocal beatbox of “The Girl from Ipanema”.

Lampshaded on The Lazlow Show. Post as a guest Name. The music from Starship Titanic changes from majestic to tinny as you travel though the different class, suggesting the lower classes don’t need good music.