We are our own enemies. PFA Director General Muhammad Usman said the purpose of sample collection drive was to confirm the availability of requisite micronutrients in it and check the quality and standards. This month, Pakistani Cooking oil brands have welcomed an entrant in an already cluttered market. So the bottom line is, where there is no accountability in a country, even companies such as Frito Lays make sub standard products because they know they can get away with it. Gai Banaspati and Cooking Oil Sardiyo ki chatpati khasiyat ab ghar per tayyar karein! Please enter your name here.

gai banaspati video

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Strict punishments is the only solution. Ali Sabir, When discussing ghee here, why not all foods, fruits and vegitables full of chemicals and gmo Gourmet Hajveri Foods in Sialkot was shut down over non-compliance of the authority instructions, preserving food on foot level, improper freezer storage and storing raw and cooked meat together in the cold storage.

People of this part bwnaspati large built. PFA Director General Muhammad Usman said the purpose of sample collection drive was to confirm the availability of requisite micronutrients in it and check the quality and standards. There is vast variation in prices of ghee especially cow ghee.


gai banaspati video

Saif Zulfiqar, They will not. We are our own enemies. Would the authorities take action against the same. On a positive note, well done PFA. Consequently, the actress does not suit to the brand image of Gaye Banaspati.

I have not gone through the list of harm causing oil brands but considering my run with my luck i can safely assume that i vdeo been using one of them and may continue to do so in the future. Close them permanently and fine them with heavy penalties and serve them and their family food cooked in the same ghee they are selling to the poor for 3 months.

gai banaspati video

Similarly, Gaye would not be able to sell it no matter how much its commercial appears funny to be the audience. Have they visited of any the multinationals that banasati ice creams?

September 30, Business ease THE World Bank has declared that Pakistan has made a great deal of progress in its ease of doing business reforms, Why a few brands? Hydrogenated oils are a disaster for health. With my open eyes, I was unable to see these kind of changes from the political clouts or minsters which I am witnessing now. Also raid the top brands, you might find something unhealthy there.

WASIQ1’s AdvertiZING : Gai Banaspati and Cooking oil

Critics have even questioned the idea of casting Juhi Chawala banaspait the commercial when our very own Pakistani actresses could have done so much better.


Shafiq Shah, Anyone who meets and keeps up or excels the desired standard as required by the law should be allowed to produce and market the product! Comment below and tell us banawpati you like your macchli best! Ghee was always ghee until vegetable derived fats were introduced as ghee. What the Sindh food department doing corruption. Good job by Punjab Food Authority. Such news of raids create consumer confusion lead to apathy.

Gaye Banaspati Enters the Market with Cow-Sized Flaws

Dec 27, How does Banaspati masquerade as Ghee? That is a great steps. Comments 50 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. But what matter most in Pakistan, I think, is the source of supply Production.

The mentioned Oil and Ghee brands are sold in markets openly. The promotional campaign shot in Bangkok has created quite a buzz in the media for all the wrong reasons. Simply sprinkle some salt in the pan before use and enjoy splashfree cooking!