This file was created using a different version of vBulletin from the one you are running. Have fun Added 22 Nov at The Official vBulletin Modifications Site. Cannot import style xml file for vbb 4. Just remember that most of them are not professional styles, so carefully read through the thread of each style.

forum vbb 4.2.0

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All times are GMT. After synchronization process, phpFox site will have same accounts to vBulletin forum. Do you know any vbb 4.

Your Shopping Cart is empty. Find all posts by luazolanzaro. View Photo Case 1: Each time a user creates an account on forum or site, this account will be synced to the other.

View Photo Feeds posted on forum by the current logging in user will be displayed on your phpFox site profile page.

vBulletin 5 ─░lk Style

When users create an account on vBulletin, they will be redirected to phpFox site. This will all get easier the more you work with vbulletin. After synchronization process, vBulletin forum will have same accounts to phpFox site.


Configure which user groups on phpFox site and vBulletin foru, will be matched together. Just remember that most of them are not professional styles, so carefully read through the thread of each style. Moreover, information field of the account on the two platforms will be appropriately mapped according to your configurations in BackEnd.

The Official vBulletin Modifications Site.

Back-End phpFox site Setting: After purchase our product, an email will be sent to you immediately in which an installation guide is included to instruct you on how to install the product. The Official vBulletin Modifications Site. Site Map Meet Our Staff. Originally Posted by luazolanzaro Thanks for your reply. For some reasons [email problem] that you do not receive email from us for product information, please contact us at info [at] younetco.

With YouNet vBB Integration being installed, all of the database between your site and your forum will be synchronized.

forum vbb 4.2.0

The time now is User Name Password Save? When users would like to send a private message on vBulletin forum, they will be redirected back to phpFox site. However, I cannot import any styles because it said that: It now turns into Case 1 vBulletin forum will be nicely embedded into phpFox site: View Photo Main forum will be displayed in phpFox site with the information below: By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of UsePrivacy Policypersonal data processing and storage practices as described therein.


Logging in and logging out process happen at the same time between the two platforms: I believe there is also a list here on vbulletin.

forum vbb 4.2.0

The more they differ from the default vbulletin 4.22.0, probably the more incompatible they will be. In most cases they are pretty cheap for pre-canned work. I want to import a right version style but cannot find out any style like that No members have liked this post. Hello, I’m a newbie. I have just installed a vbb 4.