Shows signer password in plain text instead of hidden text. This mode allows you to evaluate the software carefully before purchasing it. It contains several user settings e. An error message will appear on the output window to inform the user. This tool was especially designed for small and medium-sized production companies and post houses in order to get a complete DCP for distribution to digital cinema screens with only a few clicks. All you need to do is collect your recipients’ public server certificates and put them into a local folder. Default output folder is given in settings file see below.

easydcp kdm generator

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Default output folder is given in settings file see below. The easyDCP system hash will automatically be included in the request. Furthermore, the DKDMs expiration date and signature is checked.

In addition to targeting a single server certificate you can also specify a directory containing as many as hundreds of server certificates. Server Certificates Input Folder: A KDM contains an annotation field that may contain useful information. The certificate is digitally signed by four other aesydcp.

easydcp kdm generator

Note that this is potentially harmful as unauthroized access genfrator the password may be possible and your digital signature may get compromised. Detailed contact information can be found in chapter 10 Contact. The user will be prompted to specify a password when the application first launches. Now, please copy this unique identification number and attach it to an e-mail to easyDCP iis.


Your system hash will be displayed in a new dialog see screenshot below.

easydcp kdm generator

When importing a custom chain, the user password may optionally also be stored in a text file. All important settings can generatod applied with a few mouse clicks.

The file is encrypted with a user password. Also, if the user generates KDMs from the command line, missing parameters are taken from the settings file. A KDM is associated to each playlist and defines the start and stop times of validity for the projection of that particular feature.

easyDCP KDM Generator

Path to output folder where the KDMs will be stored after creation. Password for the Private Easyfcp File. These registry entries will be removed during uninstall see 3. The user password will be used to encrypt the private key and prompted every time a Distribution KDM needs to be read. Save the password for decrypting your Distribution KDMs. Validity period in days from now on e.

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Likewise, if the user chooses to store their password for convenience, the saved data still needs to be asynchronously decrypted. This is different in every country. End Time as local time for the validity period of the KDM. The parameters “-t” and “-l” are mutually exclusive.


It informs the user if all KDMs are generated successfully or if an error occurred and why.

easyDCP KDM Generator(+)

No pause after generation process for automatic scripting purposes. These certificates are referred to as a certificate chain and this certificate chain, even though already included in the public server certificate, is additionally saved in a separate file. Directories that include user files will not be removed.

The windows registry is cleaned up. The InterOP mode provides a backward easydxp to obsolete digital cinema servers which use ldm former InterOP standard. Do not rename it.

Otherwise it is not possible to edit the content of the output window. This signer tenerator is signed by another authority, and that by another, and so forth until the last certificate in the certificate chain signs itself root. This dialog shows the currently used digital signature and certificate chain.