If you use external illumination, it must be controlled via the trigger output of the sensor. If you use several search zones, only one model can be detected for each search zone. Rename Renames a model. Install efector dualis To do so, select Install efector dualis and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Manage configuration data Creating an application. When the variable “modelclassvar” becomes -1 a small up and down movement is carried out. Align the sensor to the object to be detected.

e2d200 software

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Click on [Download to device]. Change this zone according to your requirements: Contrast threshold This value defines the minimum grey shade contrast value at which a contour is detected. As in the trigger test module, all other functionalities are blocked here during 2ed200 test mode. During the test mode all other functionalities are blocked. Sensitivity The sensitivity of the contour detection process can be changed either in three predefined steps or by entering a value of your choice.


2D Camera Integration – CPR Wiki

Edit The selected application can be changed by clicking on this button. Therefore it is not possible to select any point of the contour but only the respective starting points of the individual sections. Hence the camera would have to be in the same IP range, e.


An output event can be linked with another one. Operating modes Evaluation mode Normal operating mode When the supply voltage has been applied, the unit is in the evaluation mode. Integration in a network The approach depends on the type of network and its management. Most softwzre model This mode is used for sorting. Depending on the complexity of the application, the representation of all soctware in the image field may look confusing.

Tests passed have a green frame; those that were not passed have a red frame. softwxre

e2d200 software

The input is made in the “dotted decimal” notation, e. Programming manual PC operating program for efector pmd3d. They are not editable.

Application software E2D200

If you use an external trigger source e. Edit Changes an existing softdare. The current softwafe of the memory location is visualised in the first position of the display: IP address Currently assigned IP address of the device. With the setting “Off” the fixed network settings see next menu items are used. IFM O2D, a compact camera with integrated image processing Matrox camera systems Both systems aquire an image and process it internally.


You can restore the original setting at any time via the Factory setting button. The definition of several search zones slows down the evaluation time.

These are contours determined by the search logarithm but which are not part of the model. During the update process the current supply must e2d2200 be interrupted; this could result in loss of data and of functionality!

Align the sensor to the object to be detected. This value defines the minimum gray shade contrast value at which a contour is detected.

Contour smoothing This mode can be operated automatically as well as manually.

e2d200 software

If an active application is saved on the device, it carries out its monitoring function and generates output signals according to the set parameters. With the settings described in the following chapters you will optimise your model test to your application. Three commands have to be inserted in the Program editor to get the camera up and running. Rename Renames a model.