August 18, at 6: March 13, at So you have to edit the Makefile before you do the compile. February 12, at 7: March 14, at 4:

bootloader atmega1284p

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Compiling a bootloader for the ATmega1284P

Reprap-ken I can’t burn bootloader for Atmegap-PU. It should work as well as the p you had or have running for months.

bootloader atmega1284p

I added pad for the reset switch on the bottom also to make it possiable to hit the reset no matter which side is up! The one area that may give problems is that some of the processor control register names and bit assignments have changed.

bootloader atmega1284p

I ended up putting two darlington connected 2n transistors between the capacitor and the reset line. Of course I could help with testing for January 16, at 9: Great stuff, my p is happily blinking. December 1, at 8: Anyone else have this problem? Sanguinololu is a low-cost all-in-one electronics solution for Reprap and other CNC devices.


I won’t get into the full details of what a Bootloader does in this tutorial, but if you would like to know more check out this article on Emcelettronica.

I can’t burn bootloader for Atmegap-PU. Please help!

There are a handful of people using p now, and one of them may have used the timer libraries. January 16, at 8: Doing these things on that chip is well-documented, and easy to get support on the forums if something goes wrong. I was thinking of porting booloader 1.

Thank you very much for any hint. Attmega1284p in your details below or click an icon to log in: Me, I just use my own clones.

August 26, at 2: Awesome tutorial on getting the p to work. My hand etched DIP prototype worked fine from what I tested. You are commenting using your Google account.

The current version bootllader. I will obviously need that to talk to my nRF module. Only this got me to get working: Of course if you DO use the jtag you will have to replace the bootloader when you are done.


Then upload the program again and the Blink program should flash eight times faster. March 15, at 9: Using an empty core.

Burning the Sanguino Bootloader using Arduino as ISP – RepRap

February 12, at 7: I had trouble with the ArduinoISP and the new chip. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

bootloader atmega1284p

So you have to edit the Makefile before you do the compile. August 24, at 8: There is definitely no standard pin mapping for P, many people have published their own.

It fits in the minimum footprint for Seedstudio its