He featured growling in his songs along with screaming. Kronic vocalist Imtiaz appeared in the song. Retrieved 24 November Continuing with the same line-up, the album would grow to be Aurthohin’s most critically acclaimed and widely accepted album yet. Audbhut Shei Cheleti tells a story of a messed up boy’s life.

aurthohin nikrishto 2 free mp3

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Aurthohin performed with the same line up until Their sound was drawn from variety of musical influences including alternativeblues and also the country music of John Denver. They are known for developing various rock and metal genres in Bangladesh.

Nikrishto 2 by Aurthohin from the album “Oshamapto 2”

He featured growling in his songs along with screaming. In the middle of theAurthohin announced on their Facebook page that Kamal is no more with the band. InSumon’s jaw got dislocated. The lineup of the band changed in this album.

Due to Sumon’s illness the band stopped almost aurtuohin the gigs.

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After playing 12 years, Rafa left the band due to his work pressure and schedule clashes with Aurthohin. Sumon used to arrange various music instruments to experiment with genres.


Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal of Warfaze joined as a guest guitarist. Audbhut Shei Cheleti tells a story of a messed up boy’s life. In the earlyAurthohin signed a contract with G-Series. Aurthohin is a Bangladeshi rock band formed in Dhaka in by Saidus Sumon vocals and bass guitarTonmoy Rahman lead guitarPonir rhythm guitar and Rumi Rahman drums and percussion.

They started working on their debut album. Different Touch Obscure Lalon Band.

aurthohin nikrishto 2 free mp3

The vocals of the song was done by Sunjoy Das of Warfaze. Archived from the original on 6 December Aurthohin has experimented with various genres over the years.

There was nnikrishto several lineup changes, with Saidus Sumon being the only member who remained throughout the band’s career. On 15 Octoberthey released their new single “Amjonota”, that has lyrics about Bangladesh’s current events, corruptions, political conflict and other issues.

After a long break they came back with live gigs in early Nikirshto Read Edit View history. Shishir Ahmed became a full-time guitarist and Rafa became a full-time drummer. He played in 3 songs. Most of the guitar solos nikrlshto done by Shishir while Rafa also contributed guitar solos in 3 songs.


Raef al Hasan Rafathe drummer of Severe Dementiajoined the band as the vocalist and also a drummer.

Nikrishto 2 by Aurthohin from the album “Oshamapto 2” | || ĻỲЯĨĈŜ ҢÛŇŤÈЯ ||

The band won the Channel i best band of the year award in for this album. All songs except “Uru Uru Mon” are written by Sumon and all tracks composed and produced by Aurthohin. This album paved the way for Aurthohin for gaining popularity and they also got more huge record deal in the next years.

Due to illness of Sumon, Aurthohin didn’t play many concert’s in Doctors told him fere give up singing permanently. They have written many songs which were released as series focusing different topics. He was still the bassist of Warfaze.

aurthohin nikrishto 2 free mp3

The video was directed by Sumon himself. Retrieved 7 May