A child tells a story saying “this happened, then this happened and then this other thing happened” without any emotional buildup. The evil lords are overthrown and the slaves are freed, but there are hints that the true source of evil has not been conquered and needs a son of the true king to come and conquer it. There wasn’t any character development – no subtle hinting in the storyline Unfortunately, the editing isn’t very good. Join two siblings as they embark on a journey to overthrow three tyrants in a realm parallel to ours.

as cronicas de aedyn

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I will probably not be reading the rest of the series and am glad I had gotten this book for free. They got there through a garden and ss went from English children whose parents are away to The Chosen Ones brimming with confidence, wearing white robes, and shining in the sunlight pret It’s Book One of the Aedyn and while I enjoyed the book I’ve no desire to read Book Two.

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I was instantly reminded of C. If you like C. Set up a giveaway. Throughout the story, she said things like, “Why did they do that?

I read this story out loud to a year-old girl. Enter Peter and Julia for present time who are transported to Aedyn to fulfill their destiny. English Choose a language for shopping. The later chapters do pick up a bit in terms of action but, still have the same predictable story elements.

Rodda rated it really liked it.


Chosen Ones (Aedyn Chronicles #1) by Alister E. McGrath

He is also the author of a number of popular textbooks on theology. I found it more of a simple Old Testament allegory. I won’t get into all the details of their similarities, but you can read about them in others’ reviews.

The actual writing wasn’t bad, but I felt that this was a cheap ish imitation of The Chronicles of Narnia. It’s way to close to Narnia There wasn’t any character development – no subtle hinting in the storyline Many of the details were also very obviously based off of various “Chronicles of Narnia” boo “Chosen Ones” is a Middle Grade fantasy novel, but I think kids ages would actually enjoy the story being read to them the most.

However, the story was quite dull as I plodded my way through it. Write a customer review. This author’s resemblance to C. But don’t let me turn you off from this book—there was plenty of excitement, action, not to mention impossible situations that kinda hav I had high hopes for this book, but it kinda failed them all.

As a children’s fantasy it is okay, but the christian message seems just to be that there is an all-powerful being who Two children jump into a pool in a mysterious garden and end up in a different world where they seem to be destined to save the world from its evil rulers.

It would be a good book for children but older than maybe middle school wouldn’t find it interesting enough. At the heart is a Christian message. However if you’re looking for a decent story to read, it’s not terrible. It would have been a shame if I had paid for it. This was short, simple and obviously borrowed a lot from Narnia.


as cronicas de aedyn

There is a mention of a god-like being dronicas to God in the story, and the plot seems to reflect a little bit of the Passover, the Jews departure from Egypt and King David.

Julia and her brother Peter are drawn into the fountain in their grandparent’s yard on a silvery night, drawn into another world where they meet an year old monk who knows the legend of 2 children who will come to rescue his people from their oppressors.

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as cronicas de aedyn

I sometimes didn’t understand why the children or villains acted the way they did. But this guy flows like a river, easy and graceful. ARC provided by amazon vine The land of Aedyn, once under the peaceful rule of the Great King, has been overtaken by mysterious lords who trust only in their own reason.

It’s also not that exciting… then end picks up some. D Largely because the plot requires that one of the kids be smart and visionary aedgn one of them be mistaken and arrogant, the boy is a lot dumber than the girl.