But tomorrow may be too late. This has been gained from years of experience working with industry-leading companies. I2S developed the aquaManager system www. As a result, we accomplish better rations, controlled feed consumption and better programming of feed purchasing. Management support for decision-making. The planning is based on company specific data including either predicted or observed environmental parameters, food conversion FCR rates, mortality rates, estimated harvest dates, etc.

aquamanager software

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I2S has a deep knowledge of the sector, its needs and the goals of many companies in this sector. Training Courses Tutorials Webinars.

aquamanager software

Process-oriented, simple to operate. It aaquamanager extremely user-friendly and can be used by your company staff immediately, without extensive and costly training.

Globally Kostas is well respected and recognized in the Aquaculture industry. By implementing these strategies vaccination programs, use of SFR tables and proper ration design we achieve better growth rates.

Water Quality

Works the way you work. It is designed to accommodate existing workflow processes— enabling users to keep doing what they are already doing, with even greater results. Everybody, from managers to farm workers, are able to find exactly the information they need in order to take better decisions and do their job in the best possible way. Prediction of marketable average weight and harvest programming. Multiple feed types may be registered per cage and date as well as multiple mortality causes.


I2S developed the aquaManager system www. All these mean lower costs and higher quality. Companies woftware Aquaculture Software – by These are achieved initially by recording aqusmanager mortalities and losses followed by data analysis.

It helps companies turning information into value requires by providing advanced production monitoring, management and analysis tools. Quick and easy input of all production data environment data, feeding, aquamanaager, transactions, etc. Its presence in the market for over twenty years has made maximum contribution in production cost control and reduction. Comprehensive synchronization platform enabling remote sites to effectively synchronize data with the central databaseeven if they are connected over slow networks.

He has grown and marketed business well and steadily since this appointment. In this way you are able to continuously make adjustments to your aqyamanager and achieve the best results.

Aqua International

These operations achieved better prices, from their suppliers, in the products they were using since they knew in advance their specific needs. More about Integrated Fish Farming Software. No need to sacrifice in features. Users familiar with the concept adopt it from the first use aquamanwger beginners get hold of the interface with no effort.


In the aquaculture industry, making the right decisions about production cost, quality and scheduling at the right time can mean the difference between profit and loss. For each plan, the system automatically calculates Quality certificates with information gathered during the lifetime of the fish.

Aquamanager software, Section 10 | YSI User Manual | Page /

Our user interface design is able to deliver loads of functionality without confusing the user. Skip to main content.

aquamanager software

Mortality reduction Reduction of losses. Basic Features Easy-to-use integrated software environment Programming and control of the entire production cycle Detailed costing and storage management Maximize profitability.

Ideal solution for groups of companies. This can softawre done for a single day or for a time period. Modern and attractive user interface. It is very easy to.

Improved management of the siteday-to-day control of all production parameters.