If you sync your phone with another PC, it will erase all your contacts! My SIM is full, and I want to store most of them instead of deleting them. Choose LE download link. Peekpocket finds wireless networks wifi You can then connect to the network to use the internet.. Some memory cards have a read only lock system. I have HTC mytouch 4G mobile phone. p3450 touch

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This keyboard will help you forget quite easily the old days when inserting a piece of text on your Pocket PC was a problem!

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Btw, what does peekpocket really do? The OS in my phone is Win Mobile 6. Anyone have any ideas? p3450 touch

If yes where in my phone would i find that? If its good, you could try tweaking the wireless.

Reviews HTC Touch review. Flashing the rom requires an activesync connection which will not work without booting up. My HTC P apps.hct stopped detecting the memory card. Just flash the phone with a ROM from xda- forums. It always reboots whenever it goes into the hibernating mode.

HTC Touch review: Smart to touch the spot

What is the largest storage card I can use in my touch. Having trouble watching youtube or web based video, any suggestions as to the best way to do so. A sticker on the retail box will clearly indicate the enhanced variant of the phone.


I require software, like full screen caller photo, games, and also please let me know can my bluetooth headset noki bh be used as A2dp I m using HTC Touch p Luckily I had a backup on my other phone. If that is the case u should be able to sync the windows contacts with the HTC and get your contacts imported to the new phone.

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Could u guys suggest me a good free Screen reader compatible with my phone? Anyways regarding the memory card, i think you should remove it from your HTC phone and connect it using a memory card reader or laptop slot. There are many programs for Windows Mobile phones but most of them are paid. Call Firewall — CallFirewall basically rejects unwanted calls. I got a tweak which does increase your phone memory.

I want to change the language french to english and i cannot view the drive on my computer when connecting to a PC. Installed Pocket Tv I got no audio any suggestions should I just try reloading it again?? You can ask this question on the xda forums, they will know everything related to these phones. Toych i tried to check the contacts p33450 they were all gone. Found your 25 free software for HTC very apps.hrc but tried installing Yahoo! Hi i got Touch Dual and try to set up WiFi setting on my mobile but cant able to do can any body help me to set up or can send any link for set up thanks.


More questions, head over to xda forums, they can answer your questions well. Amazing list my friend. p3450 touch

I have a HTC Touch2, is there any way i can instal android? Thanks for the good list.

guide for installing android in p3450

It gives you approximately 5. Im trying to configure bsnl broadband wi-fi on my touch but have been unsuccessful so far: I have a p34550 of last mobile, using pcsuite — can anyone suggest how can i get my phone book back from the backup file. ActiveSync Toggle allows you to either load or unload ActiveSync from memory whilst also removing the registry key that automatically loads it upon starting Windows.