Of course, the only way to actually believe that if you have the library is in your hands is to completely ignore all of the short notes. The library has a nice warm sound, the legatos are full of color and life and work very well at slower tempos not so well at faster ones but the early indications are that the Agitato release will address that issue. The marcatos sound nice and are included in each section. Now bring on the Viola, Cello and Bass!!! Village is the sweet, quietest, roundest and mellowest of the group. Do you have some thoughts about this?

8dio adagio violins

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I feel I should emphasize that both Cantabile and Soft Slur sound great all the way from the sounding pitches of extended low C all the way to the C a half-step above middle C. He has also worked extensively in TV, Advertising and Film. The only spiccato for the basses is feathered spiccato but the remaining three sections feature feathered, bouncing and arp spiccati while the violins and violas also feature tapped spiccato.

Some patches have just for our five key-switches but some have twelve or more, ranging from subtle dynamics arcs, to dramatic crescendos and decrescendo, as well as short bows and loures.

If you have 11 players no matter how good they are it will always take a short amount of time for them to settle into a pitch due to the individuality of each player. Bohemian and Emberton Violin blends great with cinestrings, but not 8dio strings in my opinion I assume it fits right in with all the other 8dio strings, but is the sound just as detailed and expressive as the Violas?

Toby Pitman on Dec 23, in Review 0 comments. This means that has an abundance of patches that change dynamics within the recorded performances themselves often very beautifully and effectively.


My comments about Emo Slur generally translate from the violins. I divide the shorts into five groups: I have some Solo violins that works ok with Agitato and Adagietto, but it needs a lot of tweaking to blend in with 8dio strings. The Emo Slur patch on the other hand is louder, more driving and better suited to more dramatic parts where the portamento is meant to be featured more prominently — and works surprisingly well in a late-Romantic and post-Romantic context.

So here are the verified ensemble sizes, to help address one uncertainty. The articulation is performed similarly across the different sections and violjns longer with more pronounced pitch than the spiccati, as well as greater volume as one would expect. ET is closest in sound to Dolce but moves along a bit more quickly and to my ear sounds just a little bit sweeter and less dramatic.

8dio adagio violins

The library had one of my favorite timbres and some of my favorite legato programs, so I definitely recommend it. My notes on the types from earlier sections still apply here, especially about the potential for alternating between Cantabile and Instinct legato types to help shape the aadgio part.

Adagio Violins VST-AU-AAX – Kontakt Instruments & Samples

The Legato patches provide smooth transitions between connected notes with each Legato patch having its own unique characteristic transition style, giving you a lot of options. For each instrument, there is a full ensemble size, divisi ensemble size and solo instrument, but no second violin section was recorded.

It has ensembles and divisi when well defined articulations are needed. Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers. Instinct has the more straightforward and traditional sound less dramatic than Lost 1 in the violinswhile Sweet Slur adds portamento and emphasis to the transitions. An Imperfect World One of the features 8DIO have gone to great lengths to capture is the imperfections of a string section.


It has also solo violin but I would not consider it a solo instrument, only a first chair to add a little bit of definition to DIV or ENS. Thread starter Ultraxenon Start date Aug 16, Each color is clearly differentiated from the other and both tend toward the sweeter end of the spectrum never sounding pinched or nasaland between the two of them cover piano through mezzo forte or a less aggressive forte well.

Now bring on the Viola, Cello and Bass!!! Unlike the other sections, the violas feature two con sordino articulations: If you are happy with adagietto the only things you will get with adagio is a handful of patches and some TM articulations.

Perdition and Perdition Soft.

8dio adagio violins

Every other solo instrument gets two legato patches. Here you can hear the top dynamic layer coming in and out, while certain competing products make the transition from one layer to the next more transparent.

Feathered spiccati feature a less pronounced attack than the other articulations, making them useful for more delicate, receded or subdued parts.

Adagio Violins – A Part of the Anthology Series

The interface designed by interface maestro Ryo Ishido is pretty no frills. Soft Slur takes considerable time to reach the target note and has the most obvious portamento.

8dio adagio violins

As of the time of writing, there was no master patch list for each section, let alone a master list after all. For the basses we have Cantabile and Soft Slur.